Carlisle Harris


      Carlisle Harris received his art training at Howard University, Washington, DC and served as President of the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society for many years. He works primarily in acrylic on canvas, but frequently mixes the mediums, using sand, modelling paste and oil based sprays.

      “My journey as an artist has been both revealing and rewarding. Revealing, in the sense of discovery of ideas, forms, concepts and viewpoints, and rewarding, in that acquired growth and maturity as a result of this garnering and knowledge.”

      “I have come to appreciate more fully the capacity of the mind, the subconscious level of our being and the brain's ability to store and absorb all of our experiences. A great achievement however, is to acquire a sustained ability to access this information. This ability, coupled with intuition, has been one of my greatest tools and I now recognize a virtual bonanza of subject matter, visual shapes, forms and situations born of past experiences. For now I am riding on that tide.”